33 Fun Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids

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School’s Out — Now What?

Tired of hearing “I’m bored ...."  (with obvious whiney voice?) Don't worry! We've compiled an awesome list of 33 fun summer activities that you can do with your kids this holiday season!

Make memories with these fun and affordable activities for the whole family!

    1. Plan a backyard camp out!  Find some great ideas here. 
    2. Have an epic water fight, complete with balloons, garden hoses, water pails and a slip-n-slide.

      Water Fight Zapped Outfitters 
      (photo cred https://www.geoffandruik.com/)

    3. Set up a lemonade stand - check out these free “printables” and great ideas and recipes 
    4. Make a projector out of a shoe-box and cuddle up with blankets and snacks and have a family movie night - download printable instructionsZapped Shoe Box Projector

    5. Have the kids pack a surprise picnic (** warning, best to not venture too far and / or bring your wallet)

    6. Plant easy to grow seeds in a small recycled box. Choose varieties like Nasturtium, Sunflowers, Snap Peas, Lettuce, Cilantro, Borage and Spinach (to name just a few options).  Check the seed packet for quick germination, avoid root vegetables and remember that larger seeds are easier for little fingers.

    7. Go stargazing. Use these free printables and start to identify some of the easy to spot constellations

    8. Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Look for interesting bugs, plants, and animals. https://childhood101.com/nature-scavenger-hunt/ or download these custom printables. 

    9. Build a fort out of cardboard. 

    10. Learn to skip rope and play hop-skotch.

    11. Write letters and postcards to family and friends who live far away.

    12. Make sock puppets and create a puppet show. Related image

    13. Geocaching is a boredom-buster activity that can take place nearly anywhere. It enables children to continue learning and have fun at the same time.  Download the app here and away-you go https://www.geocaching.com/play)

    14. Create a Photo Album Comic Book. Just download and print your funny pictures and start creating your real-life comic by using thought and speech bubbles!  

    15. Create Story Stones. Sky’s the limit in terms of what you can illustrate on your stones. You can collect as many stones as you want and use either acrylic paints or a permanent marker.

    16. Make a foozball table out of a shoe box  download the ZAPPED printable instructions. 

    17. Plan a farm visit, it never gets boring. You can do lots of activities on a farm, ride horses, feed goats, watch the ducks fall in line and maybe pick up some farm fresh eggs or produce.

    18. Visit an Animal Shelter or Your Local SPCA. Kids can join educational-based programs about animals which include hands-on service projects for animal care. Plus who doesn’t love going to give the animals a bit of love!

    19. It’s journal jotting time! During a family road trip, have your kids note down what they see (weird-looking trees, funny cars,  etc.) It would be great to bring along a stack of old magazines for them to cut out and paste pictures that describe what they have seen.

    20. Play a stacking cups game. 

    21. Take a train ride, or seek out a local trolly.  Some great options in the interior of BC are  https://www.nelsonstreetcar.org/service/https://www.kettlevalleyrail.org/

    22. Build a sand castle. Kids of all ages love building sand castles or any structure on the beach, their imagination thrives in open-ended play.(photo cred https://www.geoffandruik.com/)

    23. Do playground Olympics. Playgrounds make the best place for them to run around, climb up the monkey bars and jump. Get the kids active and out of the house.  Here are some ideas of events you can do

    24. Fly a kite, it never gets old and is the ultimate carefree pastime. Kids love seeing a colourful kite soaring gracefully overhead, a definition of sheer fun!

    25. Play dough can be like a lost treasure in our house ( ... in a good way I mean) Try this super easy make-at-home version

    26. Make a popcicle stick photo puzzle. Cut out pictures from old magazines or coloured papers in animal shapes, or even photographs of your family and glue them on craft sticks.

    27. Make a micro-golf game using recycled shoe boxes -  - download the ZAPPED printable instructions.

    28. Do a shoe drive targeting friends, family and neighbours to gather shoes for a local charity - here are some ones we love. http://www.rubensshoes.com/  and https://shoebankcanada.org/

    29. Visit your local thrift shops. You might get amazed of your child’s cheap finds - fun to give kids a handful of change and see what they can find - and exercise their math skills.

    30. Make a giant rainbow bubble. Add more life to the bubbles we blow up by making them colourful. All you need is a dishwashing soap, food colouring, three-feet long dowels, or sticks you find in the yard and cotton piping or clothes line rope, two eye screws and two washers. You get the complete instructions here.

    31. Do a bird watching activity. Some kids are interested in learning more about their feathery friends of the sky. Kids can learn how to build bird’s nests or make bird feeder to hang in the yard. They can write on their bird-journal the birds they have seen.

    32. Pick your own... anything! Find a farm with blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, flowers, etc., and get picking.

    33. Make no-bake cookies  and keep your kitchen cool.


Stay Cool, Have Fun!

.... and always PLAY HARD ⚡️ BE SEEN


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