Back-to-School 2020

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Well it’s about that time…or is it…yes it is…but how… and when exactly? Yup, we’re talking about Back-to-School 2020. 
As the end of August approaches, we find ourselves only now kind of relaxing into the ‘new normal’ of Covid19, and breathing out enough to really enjoy ourselves amidst the wild ride of the pandemic.
Although we feel the pull to start switching gears to back-to-school, it’s met with resistance and exhaustion just thinking (let alone doing anything) about the fall, and yet another adjustment to another ‘new normal’.
While summer has been a very welcomed break to the juggling act of working-homeschooling-learning-playing-from-home lifestyle, we feel the need to dig deep and muster the energy to figure it all out again in a couple of weeks.
Cue superpowers to help us glide through it all! 
That’s why our BTS 2020 newsletter isn’t so much about school supplies and fashion trends, but rather about taking care of the engine behind it all: ourselves.
The Atelier Collective published an apropos post last month on how we can infuse more wellness into ourselves, especially as we forge ahead in mama-warrior style: In light of our Play Hard // Be Seen mentality at ZAPPED, these questions in particular struck a chord: 
  • What are the ways I believe I need to be superwoman? 
  • What are the things I can say ‘no’ to, so that I can say ‘yes’ to myself? 
  • How am I surrounding myself with supportive people who lift me up?  


Check out the full article here.
A big shout out to the remarkable ladies behind the Atelier Collective and their Digital 2020 event held in June. 
For the dad-warriors polishing their armour out there, we discovered Dad Central, a Canadian organisation focused on what fatherhood means today.
From free resources to online events, it’s the first we’ve seen that is solely dedicated to supporting the well-being of dads, by dads. In particular, these parts reflected our Zapped family values with solid ideas for all parents during these turbulent times:
From our family to yours this back-to-school season, PLAY HARD. BE SEEN. STAY SAFE. 
Niki & Scarlet

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