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Black Lives Matter

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Since George Floyd lost his life on May 25th, we have been spending our time listening, reading, reflecting, and talking. Our attention is tuned in to both global and personal family stories of discrimination, racism, systemic and historic oppression, diversity, and inclusion. Our children range between 3 years old and 13 years old, so we have been particularly thoughtful about how to explain and expand their understanding of this global conversation. Now is a moment that will be in their history books, leading their learning, studies, and meaning making of the future. 
Our brand of reflective kids clothing was founded on a double entendre: 
PLAYING HARD and BEING SEEN is literal, and is also about being our true authentic selves, sharing our light with others, and being seen for our rad essence.
Black Lives Matter draws our awareness to how we can intentionally re-enforce this message to ensure it is obvious that we believe in the light of every child, regardless of race.
We are asking ourselves how we can do more to support systemic inclusion and equality, both as mothers and as business owners. We don’t have all the answers yet, but feel the necessary focus for us is about asking ourselves real hard questions that shed light on our biases, recognize our privilege, and challenges our assumptions.
As we raise our own children and shape their beliefs about who they are and how they be in the world, we thought we’d share resources we found helpful in navigating through these critical times currently shaping our humanity:

⚡️ Talking with children about race: 

⚡️ Age-appropriate books about social justice issues: (link here)

⚡️ “Black in British Columbia”, conversations by CBC/Radio-Canada: (link here)

As we slip into summer, may the sunlight brightly reflect your light, and remind you to shine brightly for others to see. 
Scarlet & Niki
The Zapped Team 

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