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Despite being surrounded by bright lights during the holidays, the responsibilities of gift giving, filling unspoken expectations, and a lot of hosting, spending and cleaning can cast shade on feeling bright.

At ZAPPED , we are constantly talking about how to lighten up the world in ways big and small. As sisters, we talk every week about our own families and what little things we can do that can make a big difference. Today we are sharing some of our personal inspirations in the hopes of lightening up your holiday spirits.


1. Light ONE candle at the dinner table to remember the warmth and glow a single light can make during dark days.

2. Make TWO cups of coffee with cinnamon and chocolate sprinkles for you and a loved one to lighten up the morning mood.

3. Give THREE hugs to your kids to cut through the morning hustle and take a moment to see each other in a brighter light.

4. Make FOUR phone calls to friends this week, even a minute counts, to wish them Happy Holidays before the seasonal bustle keeps you from connecting.

5. Take FIVE minutes of calm at some point during the day, to find peace on the inside so your light can shine on the outside.

6. Spot SIX birds flying high, a reminder that at a higher level everything makes sense and is working together.

7. Go to bed SEVEN minutes sooner to relax seven minutes longer before a new day begins.

8. Dance for EIGHT minutes (that’s only 2 songs) to any music of your choice, to get your body and energy grooving as the busyness sets in.

9. Give NINE compliments to friends, family or strangers during the holidays, and see a smile lighten up both of your faces.

10. Find TEN houses or buildings this week and admire the holiday lights bringing brightness to the night.


 What ever you do, always remember to PLAY HARD and BE SEEN ... and have a WONDERFUL holiday season.


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