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February 21, 2021

"We hope that playing with our dolls could inspire all children to learn more about each other."


Image Credit : Instagram | @ymma.world

 Gaëtan Etoga and Yannick Nguepdjop, two Canadian fathers from Montreal are passionate about racial diversity and inclusivity, concentrating on the future of the younger generations.

With a shared focus in mind… YMMA Dolls was born! The beautiful dolls were created to educate children from African and non- African decent about important topics, and to represent differences while living in peace, starting at a young age.

The dolls gorgeous garments are hand made in Cameroon, which is the founders’ country of origin. Showing their daughters and other young children especially of Afro-decedents their beauty, and to learn about and appreciate the culture & heritage. The authentic fabrics & materials will take children and adults right back to the times of the African Empires and Kingdoms.  

Gaëtan and Yannick understand the importance of young children playing with toys, and the impact it can have on their future.  When the Dads think back to their own childhood – they remembered European and American Culture games, where they felt underrepresented. They want all children, but especially Black children to feel beautiful and represented.

YMMA Dolls impact and motivation, is far beyond selling dolls. Gaëtan Etoga and Yannick Nguepdjop are dedicated to help provide a better future for the up-coming generations.

Shop YMMA Dolls:  https://ymma.ca/en/product-category/dolls/?v=c4782f5abe5c

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