The New Way of Transportation is ⚡️Electric ⚡️

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Cruising with Electric Speed

A new era of transportation is on the rise as electric bikes and scooters are popping up everywhere. Eco-friendly, efficient and fun for the whole family - what is not to love about e-transportation, like this Yuba Kombi E5 9 Speed e-bike that can handle precious family cargo one bike!
For our fellow BC locals, you can pick up the Yuba Kombi at Bishop's Family Cycles, located downtown Victoria, BC. Owned by a local family, Bishops carries a vast variety of family bikes (children's, e-bikes, cargo, bucket, long-tail bikes), as well as helmets, safety and high-visibility Zapped reflective gear, along with other accessories to make family biking safe and easy. This awesome shop made their store a place where parents feel comfortable bringing their kids to shop, and they strive to engage the next generation of family cycle enthusiasts. 
Propella, an affordable brand fav that keeps you light on your feet while getting places in a flash, specialises in elegant lightweight e-bikes that are not only stylish but are so easy to master. You specify the support you need when you need it with multiple boost options. If you're feeling strong or are having so much fun that the battery dies, it's perfectly functional as a regular bike too. 
Biking not your thing? Well you may have also noticed a lot more electric Scooters around your town or city. E-scooters have rechargeable batteries like the e-bike, but they charge while you ride! Did you know that six different municipalities across British Columbia are teaming up with the provincial government on a pilot project that tests the practicality and safety of electric scooters as a way of transportation? And in Ontario, many cities like Windsor have teamed up with Bird to release hundreds of e-scooters with charging stations and lock locations as an eco friendly affordable way to cruise around. Just like biking and e-biking, e-scooters abide by the same rules like wearing helmets and staying seen on the street. Check out trending brands like Boosted, Glion, GoTrax, Xiaomi, Swagtron, Zero, Fluid FreeRide, Kaabo, and Minimotors (16+ to ride). 

If you're already rockin' out with e-transportation or getting ready to try, know the road safety protocols and Do's and Dont's...and be sure to remember your rad Zapped reflective gear for the ride!
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