Zapped Outfitters Reflective Fabric

ZAPPED custom prints are made up of millions of microscopic glass beads that refract light back to the source within a very tight angle, allowing the silver print underneath to reflect light.


The reflective print on ZAPPED products works in the same way as high-visibility reflective tape, and very similarly to paint used on street signs and road markers.



The performance of a reflector is still noticeable just outside of the reflected range, but performance decreases. This means that as the angle between the light, the reflective object and the observer shifts, the reflective reaction also increases or decreases. Think of how you see your reflection in a mirror. As you move to the far side of a mirror, the less you see of yourself.

One other little factoid: the reflecting print you see 150 meters ahead of you has traveled 300 meters, first moving 150 meters from your light to the reflective print, hitting the “mirror”, then returning another 150 meters to your eyeballs. Good thing light travels .... at the speed of light!


  • Content: 100% Polyester
  • DWR water repellent spray coating on face and PU (polyurethane) water resistant coating on back
  • Tonal Reflective print on face
  • Weight: 183 g/sm
  • Abrasion resistance: Over 20000 rubs to rupture
  • Breaking Strength: 87.7lb warp / 64.4lb weft 
  • Water Repellency: No sticking or wetting of surface
  • Water Resistance: 700mm ( this means under a head of pressure of 700mm, not more than 1.0 gm of water penetrates the fabric after 2 minutes)
  • Colorfast to water, perspiration and light


Tested for compliancy for all heavy metals, lead and tin approved under The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements (CPSC) 


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