ZAPPED is high visibility reflective street-wear disguised as stylish everyday essentials. Using a custom-made durable reflective fabric, people (and pets) can play hard AND be seen.

In an age where awesome innovation counts, ZAPPED hits the market at the perfect time: We offer gender-neutral essentials for long dark days of winter while RAD enough to wear every day, year round! Ideal for urban centers where pedestrians and cyclists are exposed to high volumes of road traffic, and for remote communities where street lights are few and far between, ZAPPED has visibility covered along with resilient protection from our harsh Canadian elements. We are a Canadian brand, inspired by Canadian winters.

Our lineup of high visibility clothing & accessories includes headwear, jackets, bags and shoes, illuminating the wearer from head-to-toe while still blending in as stylish gear.

Our approach is to keep it simple by doing one thing well. That’s why we offer all the every day gear and accessories you wear every day, with the added benefit of being stylish AND reflective.


As an active sportswear designer for big name brands since the early 90s, our founder has always had an eye for creating functional outdoor fashion.

Living in Canada where long and dark define winter months, it was her 10 year-old who made her aware of how unaware most people are when it comes to being seen on the street. She soon recognized a gap in the market for stylish reflective gear that would light up dull days while keeping pedestrians visible at night. So why not make the essentials practical, stylish and incognito?

Thinking long and hard about this brilliant idea, it was an unusual jolt of light that sparked the name:

In the summer of 2016 while working high atop a mountain, Scarlet’s husband Kris was literally zapped by lightning  …and the brand was born.   He walked away with with a few stitches, a fear of lighting, and no superpowers.  Check out our #founderfriday highlights on our Instagram Feed for an inside look at what, who and how we are. 


Our goal is to add more light and lightness to the world, in small and big ways.

Zooming in on reflective essentials means less wastefulness on unnecessary clothing, and more focus on practical stuff. Gear that is built for utility, fused with good design equals fewer things you need in the closet.

As we have grown, not only have we expanded our offering to ALL ages, we have also partnered with incredible non-profits to help share our light with others in need.  Through your connection to us, we hope to "give light" together as part of our commitment to social responsibility…literally lighting up the way for future generations.


A vibrant team of outstanding professionals, family members, friends, parents, pets and kids have come together to launch ZAPPED in lightning speed.  

We’ve had a blast so far and look forward to more fun to come.


We're just getting started and believe in creating an awesome, edgy, practical, fun and sustainable brand. We welcome your needs, ideas and feedback.

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